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Janae M. Hicks

Graduate Student

Speech & Hearing Sciences | Portland State University



I'm so happy you're here! Perhaps we've crossed paths around town, and now you might be curious about my involvement in the realm of brain injuries. You might wonder, "What is Janae's role in this field?" "What exactly does she do?" and "Who does she collaborate with?"


Welcome! Feel free to explore the website! I've set up this platform to help you get acquainted with me. 


My life overflows with fulfillment being a wife, mother, and content imagining entrepreneur pursuing a master's degree. Despite my busy schedule, I've set aside dedicated time each month to connect with you or your team, whether virtually or in person.


Should you have any inquiries, don't hesitate to drop me an email or schedule a meeting.


Looking forward with gratitude,

 - Janae'

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